Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Falling Down...Getting Up

I was listening to a radio program while in the car last night and the speaker's following definition caught my attention. Spiritual Growth = the process of a Christian falling down & getting up...all the way to heaven.

I seem to be a high acheiver when it comes to the "falling down" part. And sometimes (okay, OFTEN) that leads to discouragement and/or negative self-talk. You might be familiar with the a few of these self-condeming phrases? Loser! If only others knew the REAL (insert: lazy, emotional, clumsy) you! You call yourself a Christian? You're overwhelmed with ONE child when others are caring for 3/4/5 kids; how pathetic!

The definition reminded me that growing towards who I really want to be starts with a really, really simple step: getting up! I might not be able to instantly transform my life & eliminate my current struggles/shortcomings but...I can choose to take the first step. I can refuse to let Satan distract me with discouragement. I can refuse to let my thoughts rule my actions/self-worth. I can refuse to stay down.

Today, I choose to get up! Every time I fall. All day long.
All the way to heaven!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

An Apple-Picking Adventure...

In celebration of the first day of fall we went apple-picking at a small orchard in my hometown. Here are a couple pictures of Xander after he was convinced the apples ON the tree were much more desireable than the bug-infested ones BENEATH.
Oh...this is a good one. I just KNOW it...
I don't want to drop it on the ground (with all those other BAD apples)...
Silly branch...out of my way. I'm busy finding good apples.
Whew...that was hard work! Definitely need a ride back in this wheelbarrow here...and perhaps a bright yellow apple to snack on.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Child's Curiousity: Listening In

A Sunday School teacher shared with me a conversation from her classroom this morning which made me chuckle. It went something like this:

Child (out of the blue, totally unrelated to the story being read) asks: "I was wondering about Xander...that boy with Blake & Christine all the time."

Teacher: "Yes? What about Xander?"

Child: "When he grows up, will he grow up white?"

Boy or Girl?

I was chatting with a friend today who explained, after her daughter was mistaken for a boy recently, she's routinely included a bright & girly hairbow to Zoie's attire. I shared that Xander, even though dressed in very gender-specific clothing, has on more than one occassion been referred to as '...oh, such a beautiful girl...' MUCH to his father's utter dismay.

This conversation reminded me of a picture I took the other day as our rough-and-tumble boy was exploring the drawer with my hair accessories. While I think, in general, our little guy is ALL BOY, this pictures could possibly plant a small seed of doubt in one's mind (not so visible in the picture is a headband & hairclip but he would not stand still long enough to get a good picture of the 'girly-evidence).

Monday, September 14, 2009

Goin' For A Spin...

After careful placement...(right there...steady...steady)...
...Xander takes his sippy cup for a spin!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Kohl Children's Museum...

Now...before you flee from this post b/c of the word 'museum' in the title...wait! This place is NOT your typical museum. It is completely interactive and fun, fun, FUN! If you are ever in the Glenview (IL) area, I would highly recommend stopping by. Check out their website here.
Earlier this week, Alexander and I met up with Grandma and cousins: Emily, Elijah and Moriah to spend the afternoon exploring the exhibits. Here are some pictures of our time together.
A 'group shot' outside by the very unique jungle-gym equipment.
Driving around town. This room even had a carwash (sans water) but really cool.

Moriah checking things out and deciding what to do NEXT.
Elijah LOVED this excavator (this IS an excavator, right Jonah?)
The doctor is in; how may I help you? :)
A petite 3-year old with NO FEAR. All the way to the top!
Xander and Mr. Turtle.