Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Family Time in Indianapolis

We were able to visit the 'S' family in Indianpolis to celebrate Easter this past weekend. We had a trip planned earlier in the year, in February, and the X-man was heartbroken when Aunt Penny called saying she was sick. For weeks after, randomly he would ask, "Mom. Do you think Aunt Penny is feeling better yet? I am worried about her."

So, thankfully, this weekend worked out & the boys (and adults) had a great time being together, eating fabulous meals/snacks, attending church and it was a special treat to be abel to see the boys perform in their Easter program. Good, good times.
boys on Easter morning wearing shirts from G&G
ready for the hunt with strawberry crates for collecting eggs (or to be worn as hats)
love this picture of Jonah; "hmmm...where do I look next?"
the sunny afternoon allowed for blowing/chasing bubbles

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Nephew, March Madness & Spring Break

Life has kind of blurred together around here recently so here's a quick rundown on the happenings. Kevin & Jolynn, Drew and Landry added another BOY to their family as they welcomed Wesley Kent in mid-March. He's a cutie & a keeper, for sure!

Spent Friday/Saturday watching the Big Ten tournament (and other conference tournament games) in the R family's newly finished basement. Snacks & drinks, pizza & late nights, shouting kids & shush-ing adults. It doesn't get much better than that :)

Ty, whom it is almost impossible to catch in a non-motion, was beyond sweetness while he held his new baby cousin.

We spent a couple of days at the farm during the X-man's preschool Spring Break. I got to spend time with all my siblings & their families and even squeezed in a trip to Arthur, IL to stock up on baking supplies at an Amish Bulk Foods store. So very fun! Oh, and we had a bit of an indoor Easter Egg hunt for the kids, too.

I took some pictures of the growing 'H' family one evening and these two had me cracking up all night. I think this picture captures their orneriness quite well :) Love 'em both!