Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Want To Be...

I want to be different.
I want to be more articulate.
I want to implement an organization system that manages clutter & chaos without any effort on my part.
I want to crave fruits & vegetables instead of chocolate & guacamole.
I want to be a really, really good friend.
I want to know what to say in those moments when no one knows what to say.
I want to be six sizes smaller & four inches taller.
I want to love folding laundry as much as I do escaping into a good book.
I want to be more intellectual.
I want to never yell at my son (or husband) in anger.
I want to execute a meal plan that looks & tastes 'like a million bucks' but comes in well below the budget.
I want to be more EVERYthing.
I want to be SO much more than who I am.

So many things that I want to accomplish. So many habits I want to change. So many people I want to help. So much to think about. So much to plan. So much to do. So much. So much. So much. And then the realization that I cannot do it all. Followed by panic in not knowing WHAT to do or WHERE to start. An attitude of discouragement. Fear. Discontenment. Self-contempt.

And then, amidst the whirlwind of anxiety comes the word of the Lord (Ephesians 2:10), "For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do" AND (Jeremiah 29:11), "For I know the plans I have for you" AND (Proverbs 16:9), "In his heart [a man] plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps."

Wait. Did you read that? God has plans for US, prepared in advance. HE determines our steps.
It is not about me. It is not about what I WANT.
It is about HIS plans.

As my whirling mind begins to grasp this knowledge once again, I am reminded of a promise I found recently in Proverbs (16:3), "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed." The whirlwind quiets. My wants become re-aligned with His will. And I can walk thru another day, trusting in Him.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunshine in January!

We received a somewhat last-minute invitation from friends Jeremy & Sarah (and their girls, McKayla and Lyla) and just returned from a few days in Siesta Key, Florida. While the weather was not perfect it was MUCH improved over the snow & winds & chill here in the Midwest. And, the time with good friends so amazing.
Sweet McKayla Rose...

Exploring the beach...

Catching some rays (even though it was overcast & foggy)...

Relaxing with mommy after playing in the HEATED pool...

Napping with daddy...

I love this picture of my boys!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas with the 'H' Family

This past weekend we celebrated Christmas/New Year's with the 'H' family on the farm. Driving-wise the weather was fine (i.e. no slick or snowy streets) but for playing outside...brrr! no thank you!

We added two little boys to the family since last Christmas (Isaak in May and Drew in July) so there was some substantial napping/eating/opening of gifts coordination required. The three 'big' cousins took their roles as older & wiser seriously and loved on the little ones all day long.

Xander enjoys an 'airplane ride' from U.Kevin (otherwise known as Uncle Kenny for those with pronunciaton issues)

Getting teeth & scouting for someone on which to plant a big WET kiss :) Xander loved opening his presents. I love this reaction/face... ...and this one, too. A humorous attempt at getting a 'grandkids only' picture for Grandma :)

Christmas with the 'S' Family...

It was great fun to celebrate a snowy Christmas with Blake's family. All 21 of us snuggled into Dad & Mom's house to enjoy mugs of hot coffee/chocolate, cookies, gifts, aunts/uncles/cousins, amazing meals & lots of laughter, too. Here are a few of my favorite shots from our time together.
Xander sweetly welcomes little Savannah Rose to her first family Christmas :)
The girls headed out for a little post-holiday shopping...
This Nashville-boy takes every opportunity to play in the snow while at G&G's -- we had plenty!
Blake spotted this little shirt month's ago to evoke a chuckle from his mom...
all bundled up & ready to play!

Our Family Christmas & Stockings...

Considering that we arrived home from ET a few short days before the Christmas holiday last year and were adjusting to being first-time parents & jet-lag in combination with lots of family activities and introducing our little boy to all, this Christmas was definitely less hectic/frantic.

Although I'm not certain that Alexander totally 'gets' the whole holiday, he does like to point out baby Jesus in the nativity set and is enthralled with stockings. Since the stockings are still hanging -- empty -- in our livingroom, he often points and says with excitment, "Momma. Stockings?" in a voice full of wishfulness & hope that the stockings might contain a few more matchbox cars/trucks or animals to play with.
Xander thrilled with his stash of new toys.