Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A 'Working' Vacation...

If you know me, or have read my blog in past years, you'll know that I LOVE harvesttime. It simply brings out the farm girl in me! :)

Last week, Alexander and I spent time downstate helping my parents harvest corn. He rode he combine with grandpa & held the wagon pin for grandma while I drove the tractor & auger wagon. The weather was perfect for long days in the field, lines were relatively short at the local elevator & the yields were respectable.

After saying good-bye to grandpa after one last round thru the fields, Xander said to me, "Mommy. This is good day for Xander." :)

I did not get many (any) 'people pictures' but here are a few images of fall/harvest from my lens.

the next row to be picked...
since I don't have natural 'farming instincts' to know where to be & when, the outstretched arm of the combine was my signal to pull the auger wagon beneath the spout. Better drop the camera & get back to work :)
dumping corn into the wagon CONNECTED to the dryer CONNECTED to the grain bins.
i even got the 'priviledge' of climbing up the bin's ladder to determine the height of the corn (fullness of the bin).
always glad to get my feet back on the ground.
a pile of corn = a farmer's dream

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Most Favorite Boys

We were gifted with a son & daddy picture frame several months back and decided last weekend to attempt to capture some images to fill it. Here are the best attempts considering the littlest boy was NOT overly cooperative and a bit 'steamed' that we said we were going to the park but there were no slides/swings/teeter-totters in sight :)

Nonetheless, these boys are best buds -- and I love to see them together!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Time Changes Things...

Alexander and I visited a park this morning that is not our usual hang-out. It reminded me of the only other time we played there. Upon returning home (and promptly tossing the grouchy toddler into his crib), I retrieved the pictures from 2009 and the pictures I took this morning. Yep! It's true. My little guy is growing up!

Here are some pictures and some (supposed) commentary between the two visits.

Ahh...this seems like a safe way to get from here to UP there...
No! Mom! Go 'way! I do myself! Go 'way!
Nothing crazy here. Nice & slow until mommy catches me at the bottom...
No! Mom! Go 'way! I do like odder (other) boys. I do like this!

Hat. Check. Sweatshirt. Check. ANOTHER Sweatshirt. Check. I like the park, Mom. It great! We go tomorrow?