Thursday, December 31, 2009

Every Child's First Food Experiment

This one's for you, Gpa Hodel!
We have another black olive lover on our hands! :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Part 4: Shoes! Shoes! Everywhere!

Our Sunday School classes recently completed a shoe drive (

Following in his daddy's footsteps as a 'shoe lover' Xander has been enthralled with all the shoeboxes & shoes floating around our house the past week. Last night we spent some time getting the shoes ready for shipment and, being the helper that he is, Xander was right in the middle of the action.

Blake told Xander that he was going to sleep in the box with the shoes...what a compliant little guy, huh?

Part 3: Kitchen Helper

Xander LOVES to cook. More accurately...he loves to play in the sink, dump over the garbage can, remind me he's not supposed to touch the hot get the idea. I should learn to start dinner preparations early so I have 1/4 of the time to cook & 3/4 of the time for clean-up!

Xander has confused the phrases, "Excuse me" and "I'm sorry" so when he sees me in the kitchen, he instantly heads for Blake's chair at the table and pushes it across the floor muttering, "I sowwry! I sowwry!" as he positions the chair right where he wants to be. Which is, of course, in the exact spot where I am standing. I am beginning to understand the term 'anklebiters' in reference to children.
Just recently, I have allowed Xander the childhood priviledge of licking the beaters from the mixer. He loves, loves, loves this! Here's a few shots of him 'helping' with clean-up! :)

Part 2: Shoveling Snow

Last Friday night we walked into town for dinner & it began snowing. The boys shoveled the driveway when we returned home and Xander helped his daddy.

Actually, he kind of ran away from the snow shovel because he was scared of the scrapping sound. And then, the moment he actually touched snow, started crying because it was, in Xander language, too hot ( mean cold, Xander).
By the way, I would welcome any mom-advice on how to keep mittens/gloves on a toddler. Is there a kind/brand of glove you've found to be good? The rigged up shoelace with mittens safety-pinned on is simply not cutting it :)

Helping: Part 1 of a 4-Part Series...

We've got a little 'helper' on our hands. I use this term loosely as most of your experienced moms know that 'helping' can probably be more fittingly described as 'interfering' but bless their little hearts for wanting to be right smack-dab in the middle of the action, right!?!

First Xander tackled a little BABYSITTING. Wisely, he started this venture with family, specifically his little cousin, Isaak.

While off to a bit of a rocky start...
...things got better once the little babysitter started actually paying attention to the little boy in his lap!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

One Year Ago Today...

...we meet our son for the first time.
He was sitting in a green-painted crib with a puzzled look on his face as we approached. I remember leaning over the crib railing to whisper, "Hey there, handsome" before the tears began as our Ethiopian social worker placed him in my arms.
What memories! What emotions! What joy!
NOTE: Xander currently despises getting his picture taken so the only way I can get him to briefly look at the camera is to say, "Show me your teeth." :)