Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Break: Springfield Edition 2

In addition to New Salem & the Museum, we also toured the old State Building [really quickly] and took a tour thru the Lincoln home [really interesting]. It was fun imaging what life would have been like for this small family, how it changed when Abe was elected President and how it changed even more when Mary returned to this home after Lincoln's assassination.

I was especially inspired by a small writing nook in his home where our tour guide said Lincoln wrote most of his "now-famous" speeches. Like many things in our own lives, he probably [certainly] had no idea of the impact his words/actions/beliefs would have on generations to come. It challenges me to use my words, my time, my efforts wisely.

And yes, Alexander did get to choose one souvenir. He choose a Union hat [because those are the BEST kind of soldiers, he said]. He wore his new purchase diligently for the rest of the trip [and scared no few pedestrians as he re-enacted battles on the Springfield sidewalks!]


Spring Break 2014: Springfield Edition

X-man is HUGE fan of Abraham Lincoln. He thinks he's the best president ever. He loves that he has really long legs -- just like Abraham Lincoln. And that he loves to read books -- just like Abraham Lincoln. And he likes to roll up his pant legs so his legs stick out -- just like Abraham Lincoln. And that he goes to a school that is called Abraham Lincoln Elementary. You get the idea.

So, since we're aware that kids sometimes grow out of fun learning opportunities, we decided to take a family trip to New Salem/Springfield. The weather did not completely cooperate considering it was rainy & overcast most of the time, but we were still able to experience some of New Salem and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum was a huge hit! Especially the "Ghosts of the Library" presentation. And I agree, the Museum is really, really well done. I would say that Alexander was probably at the younger end of when you'd want to take your children. But considering his interest in the subject and the fact that we've read and/or listened to lots of stories that address the slavery issue and have had LOTS of conversations about some of the difficult/sensitive topics of Lincoln's life/administration, it was a really good fit for him.

Spring Break 2014

Yes. I am undoubtedly behind on posting pictures but here is a quick glimpse into our Spring Break 2014. It started with the transmission "giving up" in one of our cars so we got to chauffer Blake to/from work for a day or two. Alexander did not like the early morning wake-ups [and truth be told, neither did his mommy!] Anyway, because of that, our Spring Break started a day early so we could catch a ride downstate with Dad/Mom who were at a training seminar nearby.
First day of Spring Break was spent at the Dorset Sheep Show watching Eric, Gina, Ethan & Ty show their sheep [Kara was busy babysitting all the little siblings of other sheep families who were in attendance]. It was a good day for Quarter Mile Farms as they won first place in each of their classes and grand champion AND reserve champion, too! Here are some pictures of the show, the sheep & the people.